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Our  Tanning Salon 

Our salon is committed to having the best equipment in the industry. There are six brand new state of the art tanning units available for your tanning needs with entry level beds, high output beds and one stand up unit. To ensure your deep dark tan we use high performance bronzing bulbs.


Our units are maintained above the industry standards. We meter our bulbs with an hour meter and a UV meter on a regular basis, so we always know the UV output of each of our tanning beds. 


With associates on site that are Smart Tanning Certified, our clients are given the assurance that our technicians are up to date with training and certifications for tanning safety, products and sanitation .



 Deep  Tanning  Lotions

Tanning lotions are formulated enhance your tanning experience. Key ingredients are added which moisturize the skin and assist in the overall tanning process. The formulas in our lotions moisten the skin allowing it to tan darker and deeper  as well as serving to keep the skin nourished and bronzed longer.


We stock a large selection of designer brand tanning lotions



For more information about the safety of indoor tanning:

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday  7am-6:30pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

395 North Ferdon Blvd . Crestview . Florida . 32539

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